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PLEASE DO NOT POST MY ART ON OTHER SITES!!! Links are OK, but I reserve all rights to post my pictures, exclusively to myself. No exceptions, please!
PLEASE DO NOT USE MY WORK IN SLIDE-SHOWS or for any other purposes. Thank you!

Thanks a lot for visiting my gallery! :heart:

Sorry, but I don't allow downloads/prints of my art.


Art Review 2011

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Illustrators and artists that I like/have influenced me:
Ilon Wikland
Gabrielle Vincent…
Marcel Marlier
Beatrix Potter…
C.Barkley's Flower Fairies…
Hergé's Tintin,
Goscinny's Astérix,
Shirley Hughes…
etc and they've definitely influenced my style much more than any mangas or anime comics/films. :D

I do admire the skills of some manga artists like Ayumi Kasai…
but I'm not overly fond of the way faces and limbs are drawn.

However there are some Eastern artists on DA that I really like, they work in a fairly manga-ish style, but their watercolour skills are amazing….

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The following list might be useful to you:
Working with watercolours: Collections of links and hints
Working with watercoloursWorking with watercolours.
A collection of hopefully useful hints and links:
It seems preposterous to make a tutorial about working with watercolours and telling people what to do and not to do. I suppose that each artist is very unique in his/her approach to the matter. Some will work in thin, transparent layers, others will prefer the strong colours that come out of tubes. Some will never condescend to use black and others will use it all the time. There are purists who never would dare touch any white or use other media to reinforce their pics and give them more depth.
Well, my personal opinion is: try out what you like, study the works of classics like Constable, Dufy, Nolde, Schiele and many, many others and then do your own thing. ☺
A few little hints that may help you in the beginning:
Use the VERY BEST brush you can get. Sable brushes are wonderful to work with, you can achieve very thin lines and broad strokes just with one thick brush. There are of course very good synt

Collection of Advice about DrawingIf you want to start drawing seriously without attending an art school, you will need to at least get yourself some guidance in form of books.
Here's a collection of books I'd recommend in the beginning:
Betty Edwards: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Very interesting concept that enables you to perceive drawing from an unusual perspective and that gives you lots of ideas and exercises on how to hone your skillls.
Ron Tiner: Figure Drawing Without a Model
My absolute favourite! Such a witty and fantastic book. A must in every artist's book shelf. :D
Link to the downloadable version:
Barrington Barber: Complete Introduction to Drawing

Given that I've got a little more time on my hands and vet bills of about 500€  for my two gingers to cover, I'm opening commissions. (Poor Leo had an ear infection and 3 teeth extractions, Olly needs treatment because of diarrhoea.)


* If you want me to draw for you, pls provide me with references.

* My fee is 30€ per hour of work + 50€ per drawing and postage fees, if you want to purchase the original/s. 

* Depending on how much you want to spend, I'd either send you a big file so you can have the pic printed out in whatever size, or the original/s on thick (watercolour) paper, which will cost you more. 

* A4 size or A5 postcard size wouldn't make a difference as they take the same amount of work, and sometimes fiddling with smaller details will be even more time consuming. (No bigger sizes than A4 (210mm x 297mm or 8,267inches x 11.692inches) 

* It takes me about 1-2 hours for the pencil drawing depending on the amount of detail and the provided references. (The more you provide yourself, the less time I'll spend looking for some.)

* The watercolour painting will take about 1- 3 hours, again depending on the amount of detail.

* Payment per Paypal would be due after I send you a small file with the finished pencil drawing and before I start colouring. If you only have commissioned a lineart, payment is due after you get the thumbnails and before I start drawing the actual pencil drawing.

* Before you decide on any of the a.m. options you will get a few (max.3) rough pencil sketches as thumbnails to help you choose whichever motif you like most. (Those are free of charge, btw. ;D)

What I will draw:

Pencil line art, watercolour

1) Children, teens and people in general
2) Animals
3) Flowers
4) Illustrations to stories
5) Dolls
6) Cosplay, if you provide me with nice reference photos
7) Fanart, if you provide me with references - I'm probably not familiar with your fandom. ;)

What I will NOT draw: Photorealism in general!

1) Photorealism in general
2) Porn
3) Detailed architecture
4) Complicated technical items, machines, vehicles and the likes
5) Landscapes that are not simplified as a background


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