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Watercolour paper review
Watercolour Paper Comparison by Leochi


Tested brands in alphabetical order:


Arches 300gsm NOT 100% cotton

Canson Fontenay 300gsm NOT 100% cotton

Canson Montval 300gsm NOT 100” acid free cellulose

Centenaire 300gsm NOT and rough 100% cotton

Daler-Rowney Aquafine 300gsm NOT 100% acid free cellulose

Fabriano 300gsm hot press 100% cotton

Lanaquarelle 300gsm hot press 100% cotton

Saunders Waterford 300gsm NOT 100% cotton

Hahnemühle ,12 different papers,will be listed and reviewed separately

Hahnemuehle Watercolour Paper Review by Leochi


My watercolour paper collection has been steadily growing throughout the years. Some of them are used on a daily basis and others haven’t been touched yet. Therefore I’ve decided it’s time to give them a closer look and to discover more about their properties and whatever special features some of them might surprise us with.


The best kind of watercolour paper is made of 100% cotton rag. To prevent bleeding the paper needs some sizing. This means gelatine is added to the paper pulp and to the surface of the sheet.  Studio range papers are usually made from high quality wood cellulose sometimes with the addition of varying percentages of cotton rag. Some papers are manufactured from bamboo, esparto grass or other natural fibres.


Some papers are mould-made and some are produced on a machine. The mould-made papers have irregular edges and are usually more expensive than machine-made papers.

The thickness of watercolor paper is indicated by its weight, measured either in grams per square metre (gsm) or pounds per ream (lb).

Watercolour paper is most commonly offered in following weights:






European papers are usually





The standard paper usually is a 140lb paper.  There are thinner and thicker papers, but they usually aren’t in stock at smaller retailers and might have to be purchased by special order.


Thinner paper will need stretching if you don’t want it to buckle.

140lb paper is the most economic choice because it’s thick enough not to buckle too much and still more affordable than thick watercolour board.


Watercolour papers can have three kinds of surfaces: hot press, cold press and rough.


Hot press paper is very smooth to the touch. It is mainly used for wet on dry techniques and allows very fine detail.

Cold press paper (also called NOT) has a fine tooth. Texture may vary from brand to brand. Cold press is a lovely all-purpose paper that allows larger washes and finer details. It’s therefore the most commonly offered paper. 


Rough paper comes in two varieties. Some rough papers have a very textured surface, others have a smoother but cloudy texture called “Torchon”. Rough watercolour paper takes water very well and allows for dynamic wet on wet techniques. It’s usually not very suitable for detailed work due to its coarse texture although Torchon may allow some rather charming results with finer brushes.


Most watercolour papers are off-white. Some like Arches and Fabriano satin are more yellowish, some others like Saunders Waterford appear more white. Some companies offer some “extra white” versions.

Watercolour paper is offered in blocks, pads, sheets and rolls. Rolls are the most economic option, glued pads are the most expensive. Sheets are my favourites because I can cut them to the size I want and they're nice and flat. Retailers often have a cutting machine in their shop, so one can cut large sheets there. Some online retailers even offer to cut largers sheets into smaller sizes:…



Links that might be useful for more detailed information:




Canson Fontenay…


Canson Montval…




Daler-Rowney Aquafine…







Saunders Waterford…


The following list might be useful to you:
Working with watercolours: Collections of links and hints
Working with watercoloursWorking with watercolours.
A collection of hopefully useful hints and links:
It seems preposterous to make a tutorial about working with watercolours and telling people what to do and not to do. I suppose that each artist is very unique in his/her approach to the matter. Some will work in thin, transparent layers, others will prefer the strong colours that come out of tubes. Some will never condescend to use black and others will use it all the time. There are purists who never would dare touch any white or use other media to reinforce their pics and give them more depth.
Well, my personal opinion is: try out what you like, study the works of classics like Constable, Dufy, Nolde, Schiele and many, many others and then do your own thing. ☺
A few little hints that may help you in the beginning:
Use the VERY BEST brush you can get. Sable brushes are wonderful to work with, you can achieve very thin lines and broad strokes just with one thick brush.
Vegans don't like to use animal pr

Collection of Advice about DrawingIf you want to start drawing seriously without attending an art school, you will need to at least get yourself some guidance in form of books.
Here's a collection of books I'd recommend in the beginning:
Betty Edwards: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Very interesting concept that enables you to perceive drawing from an unusual perspective and that gives you lots of ideas and exercises on how to hone your skillls.
Ron Tiner: Figure Drawing Without a Model
My absolute favourite! Such a witty and fantastic book. A must in every artist's book shelf. :D
Link to the downloadable version:
Barrington Barber: Complete Introduction to Drawing


Medium: Holbein watercolours on Guardi Artistico Torchon 300gsm

Note: I'm by no means a manga artist. (In fact, I'm quite bad at that style.) This was painted on a whim because I wanted to try out my new proportional divider by AccuraSee…. I just downloaded a random manga drawing and tried to emulate the style by picking up the proportions. The torchon paper is not at all suitable for that kind of style. It's much too rough an bumpy. But I still had fun getting out of my comfort zone and painting something I usually avoid. ;)

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